I Need To Hear from You


Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Job 13:22I've been away for a little while
And I don't like where it takes me
Out of touch I'm going out of my mind
It's times like these that really break meSo here I am all alone
I'm waiting on You
Just a word will get me through(Chorus)
I need to hear from You
Before this night is through
I need to hear from You
So I'm waiting, waiting just to hear from youMy whole world is turning upside down
When I'm lacking in direction
I don't care if it takes all night
I need to feel Your sweet affectionSo let me hear words of life
I'm lost without You
Speak to me the way You doI've been here in this place before
And You're not the one to blame
I need to know what You have in store
So I'm on my knees callin out Your nameI need to hear from You
Deep inside my heart
I need to hear from You
Just a still small voice is gonna get me through

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