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All or Nothing (feat. Tanya Morgan & Lorine Chia) - Guts

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All or Nothing (feat. Tanya Morgan & Lorine Chia) Lyrics

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If anyone is guilty of Guts' addiction to music, his mother is to be blamed. Instead of turning her son into an overweight and diabetic child, she preferred to give him a new vinyl each week, for his good manners. Guts, as an exemplary child, always finishing his plate at the table, is, by 9, already sitting on a collection of records and becomes the number one DJ in his neighbourhood.

Between two soccer games and really becoming addicted to sounds, he is asked by his mother to choose between studies and music. The choice of option 2 will disturb his nights! Le Bienheureux will work on scratches and sampling art. He goes to London to get pictured with Royal Guards or eat a jelly plate, then Guts discovered New York's old school gastronomy (EPMD, KRS One and the Public Enemy caviar) But by looking too close at the Hip-Hop cauldron , he finally fell in and created the Alliance Ethnik in 1990.

The first album will make him grow from a sandwicherie to a four stars restaurant! Guts is good but needed more practice to value his recipes. Bob Power (A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots) becomes his 'Paul Bocuse', the coach able to teach him to spice and keep his preparations edible! He gets his American guides recognition and De La Soul, Rahzel, Biz Markie and Common Sense are joining him at the table.

Faster Jay is opening the Kif Record label and 'Le Bienheureux' becomes one of his'chefs' and goes behind the ovens for French rappers like Passi, Big Red, Sages Poetes De La Rue, the Svinkels, Les Rieurs.

Impossible to please, he travels to Senegal to learn about new recipes in Youssou N'Dour studios and works with some local 'chefs' in Jamaica (Anthony B, Michael Rose and Sacha)

The actual MC's generation didn't know how to prepare toasts when Guts was using an ASR Ensoniq with one hand ! Now 'four stars chef', Guts Le Bienheureux is proposing his menu! Mainly inspired by his travels, a meal with the taste of Pete Rock, DJ Shadow, Dan The Automator, RJD2, DJ Premier, Jay-Dee, Danger Mouse, Wax Taylor only prepared on a MPC 4000! Bon appetit!


2. GUTS is a Las Vegas based band formed in 2012. Consisting of 5 friends from various Las Vegas local bands. Their EP, Hesitation, released for free download August 14, 2012. New single, "I Left My Cape At Home" released October 31. 2012.

Songs about being in your twenties and nothing to show for it.
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