If We Knew - Goapele

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If We Knew Lyrics

There was boy 'bout two years old
That's much too young too see what would unfold
His dad so bold, so full of lies
Caught up in things that would take his lifeHe'd leave behind old words unsaid
His loved ones left to deal with it
When his boy got older with less than enough guidance
Needed more assurance, a little strength and courageBut if he knew what he knows now
He may be with us still
If he knew what he knows now, ohThere was girl 'bout three years old
To laugh and play should have been what goes
Her family moved from place to place
Free spirits and money they couldn't wasteShe'd be alone more times than few
Too many men trusted and out of view
One took her in and used his mind
Scarred her inside and changed her lifeSo when she had daughters of her own
Her memories could no longer escape her
They affected all the choices that she would makeBut if she knew what she knows now
She wouldn't take the blame
If she knew what she knows nowI was the girl who felt so strong
'Bout anything in this world when I saw wrong
I analyze, sometimes cry alone
When it got too much I had a place to turnI wish that I could heal your pain
Capture the truth, secrets filled with shame, ohCause if you want I'll tell the world
All the things you couldn't say
And hope that you can find your wayCause I know what I know now
I was preparing for today
If we knew what we know now
We could have made a better dayIf we knew what we know now
We'd know there was a different way
If we knew what we know nowBut we all learn by example
We can become our worst fear
Certain lessons we should hold on
Some don't serve us anymoreOur parents raised us how they knew how
They didn't know a better way
I just try as hard you could
Don't wanna make the same mistakeHope that you can find your way
Hope that you can find your way

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Goapele (born Goapele Mohlabane on 11th July 1977 in Oakland, California) is a U.S. soul and R&B singer-songwriter. Her name means "to go forward" in the South African language Sesotho. She was born to a Jewish mother, Noa, and an African father, Douglas Mohlabane, who was a South African political exile. They married in Nairobi, Kenya.

Goapele attended the Berkeley Arts Magnet School in Berkeley, California. During these years, she joined several groups that fought racism and sexism. She also sang in the Oakland Youth Choir and joined a group called Vocal Motion. After graduating from high school, Goapele attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where she studied music theory.

In 2001, she signed with Skyblaze Recordings/Columbia Records, and in 2002, she released her first album Even Closer, featuring the single "Closer". She co-wrote and co-produced the entire album, which is a mixture of neo soul and jazz. She also toured North America with band Spearhead.

Apart from her solo work, she has collaborated with rappers Aceyalone, E-40, Hieroglyphics, and Triple Threat, and written for jazz trio Soulive.

Her second album Change It All, featuring the single "First Love", was released in December 2005. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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