Too Much the Same - Goapele

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Too Much the Same Lyrics

seeking a summertime love
just thinking i'm alone
you know with a vibe and flow
what we didn't know
the night and day would show
or if it wasn't meant to grow
how we'd feel within
what we _________(?)
and why'd you keep a distance
we are emotions ____(?)
i was afraid of what i was feelin'
afraid that you would take my heart and go steal it
my pride my soul
now i know
now i know'cause we were too much the same
i didn't know
who to blame
'cause i didn't want to change
we were too much the same
i didn't know
who to blame
'cause you weren't gonna changeeven though your ways
came down like rain
things in myself i couldn't change
but if we coulda chilled
then waited a while
but then may now (?)
and shooting stars won't send us running
from each other
from ourselves
and when you got me open
you faked in me
why'd you tell me that you love me
and then stray away
what you did that day
i promised i would never go waiting
for someone who would never cnahgebut you can't get something for nothing
so what was mine
sifted through
like it lost time
and unclaimed sand in a desert wind
with half my heart it took you in
so i can let you go

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Goapele (born Goapele Mohlabane on 11th July 1977 in Oakland, California) is a U.S. soul and R&B singer-songwriter. Her name means "to go forward" in the South African language Sesotho. She was born to a Jewish mother, Noa, and an African father, Douglas Mohlabane, who was a South African political exile. They married in Nairobi, Kenya.

Goapele attended the Berkeley Arts Magnet School in Berkeley, California. During these years, she joined several groups that fought racism and sexism. She also sang in the Oakland Youth Choir and joined a group called Vocal Motion. After graduating from high school, Goapele attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where she studied music theory.

In 2001, she signed with Skyblaze Recordings/Columbia Records, and in 2002, she released her first album Even Closer, featuring the single "Closer". She co-wrote and co-produced the entire album, which is a mixture of neo soul and jazz. She also toured North America with band Spearhead.

Apart from her solo work, she has collaborated with rappers Aceyalone, E-40, Hieroglyphics, and Triple Threat, and written for jazz trio Soulive.

Her second album Change It All, featuring the single "First Love", was released in December 2005. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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